7th Hussars

Officer 1805

The Prince Regent was very keen to introduce hussar regiments into the British Army as hussars had proved themselves to be very effective in the French and German armies. In 1805 it was decided to convert four light dragoon regiments into hussars and the 7th was one of them.
This portrait of Major Hodge by Richard Dighton shows the very dandified appearance that cavalry officers affected at this period. The first head-dress adopted by the new hussars was the mirleton with its flying end that flapped about as they rode along. It could be wrapped around the hat in the business- like way that foreign hussars wore them but the British officers wanted to flaunt their new clothes. The pelisse had already been adopted by light dragoons, adorned with black braid, and these were the first type used by the hussars. Later they braid was changed to silver, in the case of the 7th.
The barrel-sash is made of crimson cords and gold 'barrels', the gold tassles hanging from his waist are the ends of the cords that come from round the back. His sabretache is the first style adopted (see sabretaches) and the sword is the mameluke style.

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by Stephen Luscombe