7th Light Dragoons

Major Calcraft 1801

Calcraft joined the 7th as a lieutenant in March 1793 and was a major by July 1799. He left the regiment in 1803. He must have been a prominent character in the 7th because there are other caricatures of him by the Dighton brothers. This one is by R. Dighton Junior and shows that the 7th Light Dragoons were dressing like hussars five years before they were converted officially. The light dragoon helmet plume has sprouted to almost 2 foot long. The fashion for high shirt collars and stocks was reaching absurd proportions and the pelisse is dangling from his shoulder without any visible means of support. The sabretache has been most carefully drawn which suggests that it was unfamiliar to the artist and must have been a recent addition to the ensemble. The Queen's cypher matches the one on the helmet badge (see main page) but there is little resemblance with the earliest known sabretache (see sabretaches) and I cannot say what colour this one is. There is no decoration on the shabracque which could be blue or white.

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by Stephen Luscombe