7th Light Dragoons

Colonel Paget 1798

This painting by Hoppner in the collection of the Marquess of Anglesey shows the future Lord Uxbridge a year after he joined the 7th as it's commanding officer. He is 30 years old and only 3 years away from becoming the Colonel of the regiment. The uniform is levee dress. On duty, the braided jacket would be buttoned all the way down but here, it is fastened at the top only, exposing a white silver braided waistcoat. The breeches are laced and braided with silver. They were only worn in this order of dress. For normal duty white breeches or blue with black braid.
His helmet had a red turban at this time, with white over red plume. The sash is crimson and the sword belt brown decorated with silver.

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by Stephen Luscombe