Field Officer c1828

The silver lace shows up well in this portrait of Sir Henry Floyd. He has a gold lace belt instead of the silver lace one would expect. The belt is also quite wide and has pronounced red cloth edges. The lace has the well known shamrock pattern. The collar of his jacket is so well covered in silver lace that the blue cloth underneath cannot be seen. Less senior officers would have had slimmer lace around the collar, and less on the sleeve. He pelisse has elaborate braiding around the lace cuff and it is clearly shown here.

He is in dress, as opposed to full dress, which means that he has red cossacks instead of the heavily laced pantaloons worn by Captain McNamara in Officer in Full Dress c1825. Floyd's cossack trousers seem to have a gold stripe instead of silver. His caplines also appear to be gold. The regiment changed from being a silver laced regiment to a gold-laced regiment in 1830.

A Waterloo medal can be seen resting on his pouch-belt which suggests that Floyd transferred from another regiment. The 8th Light Dragoons were serving in India at the time of the battle in 1815.

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