Returning From Church 1850

A sentry watches as the regiment marches past led by an officer who is distinguished by his dress sabretache and gold-laced pouch-belt. His plume is taller than the mens' and his jacket is laced and braided with gold. There are five vertical rows of buttons on his chest; the other ranks' jackets had been altered to the three rows in 1842. All ranks are wearing busbies which, in the 8th Hussars, had replaced the shako in 1844. The regiment were dressed like this, apart from the busby plume which was removed, when they sailed to the Crimean War in 1854.

The men are returning from a church service where one would expect weapons to be laid aside, but they are wearing swords and plain black leather sabretaches. A Troop Sergeant-Major can be seen on the left of the centre group. He has gold braid instead of the yellow cord on his jacket. His rank is shown as three gold chevrons with a harp badge and crown above.

The guard detail on the left of the picture are dressed similarly but carry carbines as well as swords. The sentry on the right gives us a view of the uniform on the other side and we can see his pouch and carbine belt. His sabretache is attached to his sword belt by two white leather slings; officers had three slings. He stands near a gong which is a trophy brought back from India in 1823.

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by Stephen Luscombe