Officer's Patrol Jacket c1890

Officers wore patrol jackets for several years before 1874 when they were first mentioned in Dress Regulations. The picture Officers 1870 shows two types of jacket being worn but this example, photographed at the regimental museum in Eastbourne, is certainly post 1880 as it has the rank badges on the shoulder straps. The material of the patrol jacket, like the frock coat, was dark blue, and decorated with black mohair lace and braid. The hussar regiments each had their own pattern but the 8th was very distinctive in having close formation braiding in the style of the old pelisse, instead of the large flat mohair lace. The similarity to the pelisse even extended to the use of plaited necklines which, when the pelisse was worn as a jacket, looped up to the shoulders as seen here. This patrol jacket was illustrated in the 1900 Dress Regulations showing front and rear views, but the use of this garment was discontinued soon afterwards.

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by Stephen Luscombe