Warrant Officer, No.1 Dress 1954

Although khaki battledress was worn for parades since World War 2, the number one dress was introduced for wear on ceremonial occasions, notably the Coronation in 1953. Similar uniform had been worn for the 1937 Coronation. This illustration by Frank Wilson from his book Regiments at a Glance shows a sergeant-major whose uniform resembles that of the officers except that officers of the 8th were distinguished by the wearing of the green tent hat.

The ceremonial dress of the cavalry broke with tradition in 1954 when it was decided that the pouch-belt should be worn on the right shoulder instead of the left, as it had been since the 18th century. See Pouchbelts c1960 This only affected the officers and warrant officers. The reason given for this change was that the belt obscured the medals. But this practice only lasted a decade or so.

Other ranks had ceased to wear pouch-belts since c1900 and were now wearing blancoed white webbing belts with a holster for a pistol. Webbing was replaced by a white leather belt in 1958 and later a white plastic belt.

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