Queen's Own Hussars

Uniforms c1965

The Queen Mother, who was Colonel-in-Chief of the QOH, is seen here presenting medals to men of the regiment.

Two of these men are wearing white pouch-belts with silver pickers and chains. There was a period in the 1950s and early 60s when pouch-belts for warrant officers were worn on the right shoulder instead of the left. This was so that medals could be seen more easily but it was a break with tradition and was not forced upon the officers, as can be seen by the khaki-clad field officer in the foreground. The man nearest to us in the line-up is in no.1 dress which is dark blue but with a scarlet collar, a distinction of the 3rd Hussars. He has tight trousers with double yellow stripes, short ankle boots with nickel plated spurs. His scarlet forage cap has the other ranks' cap badge. The man next to him is probably a REME sergeant, but next to him is a senior NCO from the band, in full dress. He has a sword which means that he may be an escort for the drumhorse.

The man at the other end of the line, half obscured, is in khaki no.2 dress and has two badges on his sleeve; a crown which indicates that he is a Squadron Sergeant-Major, and a Mermaid of Warsaw badge. The field officer, in no.2 dress, has brown gloves and shoes, and a brown leather pouch-belt. His trousers have turn-ups whereas the other ranks' trousers did not. His senior rank is indicated by the gold edge to the peak of his cap.

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by Stephen Luscombe