26th Regiment of Foot

Private 1742

The early facings of the regiment may have been white but the Clothing Book of 1742 showed the uniforms of all the marching regiments with their various differences. The facings are yellow in this print and it was well known that the 26th had yellow facings up until 1881. Most of the other regiments had lace around the edges of the lapels and cuffs and on the button loops, but there is no lace on this coat, a distinction shared with 6 other regiments. The waistcoat is shown as all red and the breeches blue but this is probably an error as only Royal regiments had blue breeches. The private, here is a battalion company man as denoted by his black tricorn hat. His waistbelt is worn over the coat in all orders of dress. By 1851 the belt was worn under the coat in parade order.

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by Stephen Luscombe