26th Regiment of Foot

Officer c1780

The officer's coat is scarlet with yellow facings and silver epaulette and buttons. There are large buttons down the front and on the turned down collar, and smaller ones on the cuff, all bearing the number 26. The lapel has only one button showing, the rest are concealed underneath. The silver epaulette is clearly defined and the end tucks under the collar. His left side is hidden from view so we cannot see if he has another one on the left shoulder. The epaulette was adopted after the 1768 uniform changes and was an indication of rank and company. Junior officers of battalion companies wore one on their right shoulder only, field officers had one on each shoulder, the same applied to officers of flank companies. This officer is not on duty as he has no crimson sash round his waist and no gilt gorget at his neck. Sword belts were worn over the right shoulder, over the coat on duty, and under the coat when off duty.

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by Stephen Luscombe