26th Regiment of Foot

Other Ranks, Grenadier Company c1845

The private on the left is in undress. He has the waist-length red shell jacket with yellow facings on collar, cuff and shoulder straps. The collar is adorned with grenade badges to denote grenadier status. He has his bayonet belt slung on his right shoulder with brass belt-plate. The Kilmarnock bonnet is the most interesting part of his dress because the full dress of the regiment shows no Scottish elements but the undress cap has a diced cap-band with the regimental distinction of yellow squares in the centre row. There is a 26 with a grenade badge in the middle and a red tourie on top.

The sergeant gives us an unusual back view of the full dress uniform as worn for walking out. The coat has flank company wings of yellow with white lace stripes. He has white chevrons on both arms, sewn onto yellow cloth. His waist sash is yellow and crimson, and he has a sword belt on his right shoulder. The head-dress is the Albert shako which was worn from 1844 to 1855. It has a white ball tuft for the grenadier company. Both men wear white summer trousers.

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by Stephen Luscombe