26th Regiment of Foot

Grenadier Corporal and Battalion Private c1850

The uniforms here were worn from 1844 to 1855. Although the coat was almost the same as before, the shako changed from the bell-topped type to this Albert shako with rear peak as well as the front peak. The corporal, on the left, has a white ball tuft on the front of his shako which denoted grenadier company, while the private has a white and red ball for battalion company. The shoulder wings on the grenadier also mark him out against the smaller tufts of the battalion man. The coat is described at Private's Coat c1850 but in this illustration the artist has added the small pocket near the waist which holds percussion caps. The white crossed belts have a belt plate in the middle with the Douglas Mullet and 26. These uniforms were worn by the British army in the Crimea but the 26th were in Canada and Bermuda at the time.

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by Stephen Luscombe