Grenadier 1768

The Clothing Warrant of 1768 made changes to the uniform, some of which developed later such as the uniforms for Light Companies introduced in 1770. The tricorn hat of the battalion companies became gradually more of a bicorn with the front point disappearing by the end of the century. In 1768 however, the grenadier companies exchanged their cloth mitre caps for black fur caps with a universal pattern metal front plate. The back part was red with an embroidered white grenade and a dragon. The red coats were more tight-fitting with a turndown collar and lapels to the waist. The lace was decorated with red, black and pale yellow stripes. Turn-backs and breeches were buff. His waist-belt is now worn under the coat and supported the bayonet and sword. The sword cannot be seen in this Simkin illustration but it was not until 1784 that grenadiers officially ceased to carry them.

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by Stephen Luscombe