Officer's Coat and Jackets c1850

This photo from the Spink catalogue of March 1995 shows some interesting garments worn by a Buffs officer of the 1850s period. The central uniform is the back of the Dress Coatee which reveals that the buff collar has no gold lace at the back. The tails are plain and do not have false laced and buttoned pocket flaps that were a feature of the earlier pattern of coatee. There are two buttons at the waist just below the crimson sash which wraps twice around the body. At the base of the tails where the white turn-backs meet are two gold embroidered bows on scarlet cloth and sewn onto the material.

The left hand jacket is highly unusual and is described in the catalogue: '...and an unusual frock-length scarlet jacket of later pattern, of tropical weight material, with white collar and pointed cuffs, fastened in front with 20 small regimental buttons.' The other two garments are described as having buff facings but this jacket is said to have white collar and cuffs. This may have led the writer of the catalogue to refer to it as being 'of later pattern' perhaps believing it to be post-1881 when the Buffs were ordered to wear white facings. But the closeness of the small buttons, the high collar and the general tight-fitting nature of the jacket indicate that it is contemporary with the other two. It was probably made by an Indian tailor who did not have buff material.

The right hand shell-jacket is also scarlet, with buff collar and cuffs and 14 buttons down the front (2 missing). It has narrow gold shoulder cords fastened with two more buttons, but apart from that it is quite plain. This jacket is worn by Lieutenant-Colonel Paterson in the photo of him in the Crimea.

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by Stephen Luscombe