Officers c1870

These two images from the same group photo show two officers in dress uniform and two in undress. The dress uniforms differ however, posing a problem. In 1868 a new pattern tunic was ordered, to replace the previous one which had slash cuffs. The new uniform had pointed cuffs, of a pattern that survived, in officers' tunics until 1902. The seated officer on the left has the correct buff cuffs, although indistinct, with gold lace edging which in turn is traced with thin gold Russia braid. We can just make out the braid trefoil at the point of the cuff. The standing officer has pointed cuffs, apparently without gold lace, and certainly without the braid trefoil. Also he appears to have no gold lace on his collar. Perhaps he is wearing an undress frock version of his tunic, although it does not conform to the frocks we know of at this time. The shako is the one worn in dress from 1869 to 1878. The white over red ball tuft is for battalion companies and the two thin lines of gold lace around the top indicate subaltern rank. The rank and file had red and black braid around their caps and light infantry had black and green braid.

The other two officers wear blue patrol jackets with black braid. No sword is worn in this order of dress and they carry canes. The peaked forage cap has a black silk oak-leaf band and the embroidered dragon badge has an embroidered 3 below it.

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by Stephen Luscombe