Grenadier Company 1747

This watercolour by Thomas Sandby was made while the Coldstream Guards were on campaign in Holland from May 1747 and October 1748. The grenadier mitre cap is painted in detail with the garter star in the middle. The upturned flap under the star is blue with the white Hanoverian horse. In 1749 this flap was changed to red. The back of the cap is red with a blue band that has a white grenade embroidered as well as other floral decoration. The hair is unpowdered and turned up under the cap. The coat is full skirted and not pinned back as would be the case in marching order. The blue lapels have plain white lace loops, eight on each side, with pewter buttons. The turned up blue cuff has slim and broad white lace and there is a red slash flap with four small visible buttons. The back view of the coat shows pleating and pockets placed on the side with buttons and loops. The buff belt across his chest supports a black leather pouch and has a brass match case to hold the grenade fuse although grenades were not used so much at this time.

The red waistcoat has white button loops which appear not to reach down to the waist. He has a buff waistbelt to support his sword and bayonet. On his legs are blue breeches and white stockings. White gaiters would normally be worn, black ones in marching order. The white shoes are puzzling as black is normally the colour worn in Guard Order or on campaign.

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by Stephen Luscombe