Grenadiers and drummer c1775

The grenadiers, by this time had exchanged their cloth mitre caps for these bearskin caps. The fur runs upwards and the metal plate over the eyes is red for the Coldstream Guards, with a white metal design, the coat-of-arms with a scroll. The red patch on the back has a white embroidered garter and crown with a white metal grenade below it. The lapels now have the plain white button loops in pairs. Also appearing for the first time are grenadiers' shoulder wings in blue with white lace. The belts are of whitened leather and the pouch is plain black.

The drummer has lace on his coat but the design for it is unclear. The blue fleur-de-lys design does not appear at this time. It was traditional for the drums and fifes to wear similar head-dress to the grenadiers. So where before they wore the cloth mitre cap, they now wear the fur cap.

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by Stephen Luscombe