Private 1777

Changes to the uniforms of infantry were established in 1768 but the Coldstream Guards did not put them into effect until 1773. The lapels have ten buttons and plain white lace loops, in pairs. The pockets are horizontal and laced all around. The collar is plain blue with a white edge and turned down. The cuffs are round, blue and edged in white and he has blue epaulettes also edged white. He is in marching order with a goatskin knapsack on his back. His pouch belt has a black ammunition pouch. The brush and picker for clearing the pan and vent of the musket seem to hang from a button just above this belt. See Detail On this model there is a belt on the right shoulder for the bayonet, but other sources state that the bayonet was carried on a waist belt with a brass belt clasp bearing the letters CG.

When the Guards were sent to North America in 1776 there was an order of March 12th which specified that all ranks should have white lace. This included the officers as well as the sergeants who had been given gold lace in 1773 but they were to have an fringed epaulette on the right shoulder. The white breeches and waistcoat were retained for the war but they now had black spatterdash gaiters (spats) to cover their shoes.

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