Other Ranks' Coats 1788

There are two coats here. The middle picture is the rear view of the left-hand coat which is a Battalion Company private's coat similar to the Private's Coat 1793. It could well be the same coat but the date for this and the two photos Waistcoat and Breeches 1788 and Equipment 1788, was established by Percy Sumner in the Journal of the Society of Army Historical Research no. 92 in 1944. The rear view gives us a good idea of the size of the black leather ammunition pouch and clearly shows the brass garter star badge which has an oval garter. There are distinctive buckles and tips on both sides of the pouch-belt but none on the bayonet belt. The brass belt-plate on the front of the belts is domed and has a Garter star badge engraved on it.

The right hand coat is for a private of the Grenadier Company and has been placed to show the shoulder wings which are blue with white lace and fringes. There are three sets of double lace on each wing. The lapels of the coat have five pairs of white lace button loops with pointed ends. The buttons are pewter and have the garter star with the wording COLDSTREAM GUARDS in the garter.

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