Equipment 1788

A bayonet belt hangs on the left with its oval belt-plate. The pouch-belt, next to it, is for a private of the Grenadier Company. There is a brass match fixed to the belt with clips. It has holes in it to provide air for the smoldering match inside. On the other side of the belt is a length of match (rope made of combustible material that stays alight) which is pipeclayed. The buckles and tips on the ends of the pouch-belt are brass and a feature of Guards equipment. The pouch itself has a garter star badge with a circular garter in the middle, not oval as on the pouch displayed on Other Ranks' Coats 1788.

The knapsack is canvas, painted black, not blue as in the Dayes print Private, Grenadier Company 1792. It has a painted garter star badge with COLDSTREAM GUARDS inscribed in the garter. The shoes are very small and light compared with the modern day drill boots. It's hard to imagine then coping with the rigours of military training.

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by Stephen Luscombe