Officer, Battalion Company 1792

The black hat worn by the Battalion Companies had turned into a bicorne with the front cock flattened out. It is plain, with a black silk edge and cockade. The only gilt decoration was the button loop below the cockade and small fringes at the two extremities. Hair was still powdered at this time, until 1795. The coat is the frock, not the full dress version which had more gold lace. The collar is stand-up, bue with gold lace edge. He has a black stock and shirt frill showing. The single epaulette on his right shoulder is blue with gold edge and fringe. Field officers had two epaulettes. His cuffs are plain blue with gold lace edge. All buttons are gilt, including the small buttons on his waistcoat. His sword belt is 2 inches wide and decorated with a beltplate. See Beltplates.

There is a silk crimson sash round his waist with the fringe on the left side. The gorget is gilt with silver coat-of-arms in the middle and attached to him with a blue ribbon which is formed into rosettes on each side. His white breeches have gilt buttons on the side of the knee and the boots are black leather. He is holding his sword which has a gold hilt and a gold and crimson sword knot. Up until 1786 officers carried a spontoon (long spear) but that became the staff of office of sergeants only. This uniform can be seen in the painting of The Duke of York, Colonel of the Coldstream Guards at this time.

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