Privates, Light Company 1797

The light troops that had been raised and disbanded in North America were ordered to be put on a permanent basis on 15th April 1793. Each Guards battalion had to have a Light Company so the Coldstream Guards had two.

The head-dress was not very practical, being a top hat with a fur crest extending from front to back and a green plume on the left side. The hair was a natural colour, plaited and turned up and tied with black ribbon. The coatee had shorter tails than the battalion company but was similar in other respects. The shoulder straps were blue, edged white and had white fringes on both shoulders. The pocket flaps on the skirts were set diagonally and laced around. The crossed belts had a belt plate with a garter star badge but no bugle horn badge at this stage.

The legs were covered by gaiter-trousers which were only worn by light troops. They were a one piece garment and must have been quite difficult to put on. White trousers were worn on campaign.

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