Officer, Grenadier Company 1821

The officer here is a Lieutenant and Captain in the Grenadier company of the Coldstream Guards. He is one of a group in a fine water-colour by Denis Dighton in the Royal Collection. The bearskin was only worn by the Grenadier Company at this time, the other companies wore a shako. The 1822 Dress Regulations describe the bearskin as '16ins deep, a gilt plate with king's arms in front, gold bullion tassels on the right side, gilt scales and grenades, black leather peak. Plume - white hair, twelve inches long with a gilt grenade socket.'

His coat is the undress frock with the blue cloth lapels buttoned back with gilt buttons in pairs. The shoulder wings are red and gold with a silver grenade badge in the middle. Field officers of the Grenadier Company would wear epaulettes over the wings. The tails of the coat are edged in white kerseymere. A crimson sash ties around the waist holding the white sword belt in place. The sword is curved and has a black leather scabbard with gilt fittings. The belt-plate is still the oval type at this stage. The trousers are dark blue with no sign of a red stripe or piping down the outer edge.

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