Pioneer Corporal 1832

At this time the Coldstream Guards had 11 Pioneers including the Pioneer Corporal who was the most senior. Every pioneer was issued with a leather apron, a calfskin knapsack, a pouch, a sling, a breastplate, a billhook, and cases. In addition the group were issued with three saws, three broad axes (seen here), two felling axes, eight spades, eight mattocks and three pick-axes. His bag would contain tools like an auger, cold chisel, socket chisel and hammer. The corporal has a saw-case on his back while the saw itself is leaning on the fence. His also has to carry a musket, which is on the ground, and a bayonet. The broad belt which we can see on his shoulder is black leather, pioneers did not have the white belts that were used by the rest of the regiment. He has a dark blue blanket, neatly rolled and carried over the right shoulder. It seems inconceivable that he should be able to wield an axe whist wearing a huge bearskin, a tight-fitting coat with three inch collar and stock, as well as all the equipment.

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by Stephen Luscombe