Other Ranks 1857

This print by Ferguson has men from all three Guards regiments although two of them are Coldstreamers. They wear the single-breasted tunic that replaced the first post-Crimean one. But the man on the left, in a gold-banded forage cap is a Coldstream Guards sergeant in a special undress tunic. There are no blue epaulettes and no cuff flaps. And although there is white piping down the front edge and along the top of the cuffs, there is none on the collar. This type of tunic lasted at least until c1900.

The next man is a Scots Guards Sergeant-Major, then there is a Coldstream Guards private in a greatcoat carrying a knapsack and wearing black gaiters round his ankles. The pioneer on the right is a Grenadier Guard. Pioneers in the Coldstream did not have arm badges like this man.

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by Stephen Luscombe