The officers had gilt buttons, sergeants had brass, and the men had pewter buttons up until 1855 at which date the men were issued with tunics and brass buttons. The earliest known buttons had a six pointed star around Cm Gs. During the War of American Independence the number of points increased and the letters Cm Gds appeared in the middle.

On 7th June 1785 officers were ordered to have the same pattern as the men which was the eight pointed garter star with the words COLDSTREAM GUARDS. But on 11th January 1805 they were ordered to change the words to HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE.

The 1830 button is very similar to that worn by the regiment today and did not change because it has no crown or cypher. The last button appears on the portrait of Colonel W L Walton who commanded the Coldstream Guards from 1839-46, but there is little evidence of it elsewhere.

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