The Gordons

Other Ranks, 1894

These eight men are in full dress with the 1882 pattern valise equipment still in use. They have Lee-Metford rifles which are held differently according to rank. The corporal and sergeant carry theirs under the right arm, with a finger through the trigger guard. The privates carry theirs on the left with their hand supporting the butt. The corporal has his bayonet fixed; this is the 12 inch sword type. The sergeant is the only one wearing white gloves, his chevrons are of white cloth. They all have the same pattern sporran with brass bound black leather cantle and goat hair body.

The feather bonnet is worn at an angle and has four foxtails on the right side. The white plume on the left reaches over the top. The knitted cap-band is diced red white and green. This head-gear was only worn for home service. If the battalion was posted abroad the bonnets were left at home or passed on to another Highland regiment returning from a foreign posting. Since they were a costly item this was a sensible practice. The Cameron Highlanders had different cap-bands, diced red white and blue, so these would have been changed. The Black Watch had red plumes instead of white so probably did not exchange bonnets with other regiments.

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by Stephen Luscombe