The Gordons

Private, Walking Out Dress

The dress uniform was worn when soldiers left the barracks for visiting civilians or meeting people. The glengarry was worn instead of the feather bonnet, and a cane was carried. 'Most cartes de visites, like this photo, showed soldiers in this order of dress. 'The doublet is scarlet with yellow collar and gauntlet cuffs. 'The buttons and Tiger badges are of brass. 'White piping traces the front edge and the edges of the Inverness skirts and false pocket flaps. 'The white leather waist-belt has no pouches or straps attached to it.

The kilt was worn in most orders of dress and came with a plaid which cannot be seen easily. 'It is attached to the back of his left shoulder and hangs down, the lower part being attached to his waist. 'The sporran is the usual rank and file type for the Gordons. 'Little can be seen of the black and red hose with red garter ribbons.

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by Stephen Luscombe