The Gordons

Corporal, Service Dress 1897

This illustration by Douglas Anderson is based on a photo of corporals of the 1st battalion who fought at Dargai on the 20th Oct 1897. They wore the kilt and sporran on campaign, although the cantle was protected with a canvas cover. The khaki doublet has small slot pockets on the upper chest for extra rounds of ammunition. The main ammunition pouches are attached to the front of the waist-belt. His belts and pouches are the 1888 pattern Slade Wallace equipment which includes a rolled greatcoat carried in the small of the back. The leather was usually white but for the Tirah Campaign it was not pipe-clayed but left in its basic buff colour.

The water bottle hangs from a darker webbing strap on the left shoulder. The white strap on his right shoulder holds his haversack containing rations for the day. His rifle is a Lee-Metford for which the bayonet hangs behind on his left hip. The spats are khaki but his hose are the same as those worn in review order.

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by Stephen Luscombe