The Gordons

Officers, Various Orders of Dress c1898

As none of these officers correspond with the officers in the 1896 photo it seems that this is the 2nd Battalion. On the right of the photo is an officer in full dress as worn at levees. He has hose and shoes instead of white spats. The officer next to him is in mess dress for which the Jacket has the collar down and the crimson silk lapels showing. An officer at the back has the blue patrol jacket with trews and glengarry. In front of him is an officer in guard order, like dress but without the plaid and with the undress sporran.

Standing next to the brick pillar is a senior officer in mounted order but without the plaid. In front of him is the CO in mounted dress order with full plaid. The tall officer at the front, probably the adjutant, is also in mounted order but undress, with the scarlet drill jacket and full highland crimson sash. Various other orders of dress can be seen to the left of the photo but not so clearly. Two officer at the extremes of the photo are wearing forage caps. These are not mentioned in the 1900 Dress Regulations but they are laid down in the 1891 Dress Regulations for highland regiments as applying to the Seaforths and Gordons only.

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by Stephen Luscombe