The Gordons

Officers c1908

In 1903 the officers exchanged their red drill jackets for white ones to conform with the mens' uniforms. The red drill jacket was still used as a mess jacket but for parades the white one was ordered to be worn. The shoulder cords are gold with black lines running through, and badges of rank sewn on. The claymore hangs from a white leather shoulder belt, and on the left shoulder is the crimson silk sash of office.

The field officer, on a black horse is in khaki service dress introduced in 1902, similar to that worn in the First World War but with the collar fastened at the neck. The rank badges by this time are now on the cuff rather than on the shoulder. The gauntlet cuff was retained for Scottish regiments, rank being shown both by the stars and crowns and the number of lines of braid on the edge of the cuff. From 1901 the second lieutenants had a star where before they had no badge. Lieutenants and 2nd lieutenants had one line of braid, captains had two, and field officers had three. The 1913 Dress Regulations changed the style of collar to the modern open lapels with a shirt and tie.

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