The Colonel and Sergeant Major

The commanding officer of the battalion held the rank of lieutenant-colonel but was referred to as the Colonel, not to be confused with the Colonel of the regiment who would be a General officer. Usually the only mounted officers on parade in an infantry regiment were the commanding officer, the second in command, and the adjutant. These three officers would wear knee-boots and breeches while the other officers would wear trousers.

The bridle for officers of the regiment had a black over red throat plume and a green head-band. The Dress Regulations over the years repeated the instruction that the bridle should be of black leather lined with scallop-edged scarlet cloth but very few photos and illustrations show this.

The Sergeant-major has a similar uniform to the officers. In this illustration he is shown wearing the full dress busby which is made of black Persian lambskin like the officers. But he has the less flamboyant plume worn by other ranks. Neither busby here has the badge on the front as seen in previous depictions of the officers busby.

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