Colour Party 2005

The two Colour Sergeants flank the 2nd Lieutenant who carries the cased Regimental Colour. When encased in the waterproof cover it is referred to as a rocket because of the pointed top. The officer who is named as 2nd Lt Matty Hayton has an elaborately embroidered Colour Belt with battle honours displayed. The uniform is technically undress which has long since replaced the full dress scarlet doublet and Kilmarnock bonnet. The blue doublet, which is no1 dress, and the glengarry with diced band and blackcock feathers are worn on ceremonial occasions. There is gold braid piping on the button loops and edge of the cuffs, and the plaited shoulder cords are gold. The trews are Hunting Stewart tartan.

The Colour sergeants have three gold chevrons with a crown instead of the crossed flag badge. They are also in blue no1 dress but have the traditional other ranks metal collar badge as opposed to the embroidered thistle worn by the officer. The piping around the edge of the cuffs and the button loops on the cuffs and pockets is white. The two men are named as Colour Sergeants Eddie Duff and Gary Erskine.

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by Stephen Luscombe