Piper in Drill Order with Corporal and Officer 1889

The 2nd battalion Royal Scots were posted abroad at this time , first to Malta then to India. For this reason the regiment were issued with white helmets as worn by the corporal in the middle of this drawing, copied by Percy Sumner from a print. The Corporal is in marching order with scarlet frock doublet and government tartan trousers and black gaiters.

The piper, on the left is in drill order which is a waist length white jacket and plain blue glengarry. His kilt is of red Royal Stewart sett. The 1st Battalion wore dark green Hunting Stewart sett at this time. His belts are the same as in full dress, the waist-belt to carry the dirk on his right hip, and the ornamental baldrick over his right shoulder. The pipes under his arm are hidden except for the three drones which are connected by a tasseled cord.

The officer is in undress with a dark blue patrol jacket with black mohair lace and braid. He has government tartan trousers, or trews. His claymore sword had the cross-bar hilt attached in undress.

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