Drummers c1890

This photo shows a strange mixture of dress and undress uniform for drummers. The one on the left has a white helmet normally worn with dress but his doublet is an undress frock. The helmet was experimental and only lasted from c1889 to 1891. It has a brass spike, badge and chin-chain. The badge can be seen at Other Ranks Helmet Badge. It was replaced by the more familiar type that did not have a spike or a universal badge on the front. The doublet has no shoulder wings but does have an embroidered drum badge on the upper right sleeve. The collar is blue but the cuffs are red with piping that is red and white. There is no piping down the front edge. There are hip pockets decorated with buttons and piping but they are not Inverness flaps like those on the dress doublet. Drummers were also buglers and the bugle cord is seen here, red, yellow and blue, with tassels. He has a good conduct stripe on his lower left sleeve. His trousers are government tartan.

The other drummer has the dress doublet but is wearing an undress glengarry bonnet. The doublet is decorated with white lace and red crowns, called crown and inch. This runs along the front and back of the sleeve, follows the edge of the striped wings, around the top of the blue collar and along the seams at the back. The piping is red and white, and the buttons are brass. The drum is plain brass with hoops top and bottom that are blue, edged red with a white worm.

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by Stephen Luscombe