At Holyrood House 1685

A sketch made by a French artist at the opening of the Scottish Parliament. The captain leads a squad of musketeers through the gate. He wears a feathered hat and a waist sash with a fringed end. A sword by his side must be slung from a waistbelt concealed beneath the sash. His coat has buttons down one side and lace loops on the other. The coat does not look as if it is buttoned up. At this time the facings were white, changing to blue when they became the Third Guards in 1712. He holds a staff that has a hammer head at the handle end. A sergeant has his back to us and is holding a halberd. This was the sergeant's staff of office up to around 1792 when it was changed to a pike. His silver laced hat has a decoration that looks like a ribbon bow.

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by Stephen Luscombe