Corporal, Grenadier Company 1751

Morier's paintings in the Royal Collection show the uniforms very accurately. This detail from a painting of the three guards regiments shows the small differences between them. The mitre caps worn by men of the Grenadier Companies are impressive examples of military embroidery, especially when you consider how many would be needed for each regiment. The basic colour is blue with a red flap at the bottom, on which is a white horse and motto: NEC ASPERA TERRANT. The star is not the star of the Order of the Thistle, it is a Garter star but instead of the cross of St George in the middle there is a union device combining the crosses of St George and St Andrew. This is the same badge for all three Guards regiments.

The pouch belt is buff, a sort of off-white. The brass match case shows clearly on the upper part of it. The pouch itself is black leather. We cannot see if there is a badge on the flap as there is on the 1st Guards pouch (a crown and cypher in brass). His coat is red with blue lapels and cuffs. The lace is plain white and the button loops on the lapels are pointed for the Scots and Coldstream Guards but squared off for the 1st Guards. The red waistcoat has no button loops as opposed to the other Guards' waistcoats. His sword and bayonet are suspended from a buff waistbelt. The breeches are blue. The pockets on his coat are not visible but are horizontal and laced around. The white epaulette on his right shoulder has a hanging knot, just visible under his arm. This is his corporal's insignia.

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by Stephen Luscombe