Corporal 1762

During the Seven Years War the Allied troops wore a field sign of green leaves in their hats. The tricorn hat, worn by men of the battalion companies, was evolving into a bicorn hat, in that the front point was more upturned. This man is a corporal, as can be seen by the white shoulder knot on his right shoulder. The Guards served in Germany in 1762 under General Julius Caesar. They were ordered to blacken their gaiters. The coat is similar to the 1751 style, and the waistcoat is still red with no button loops. He carries 35 rounds in his ammunition pouch which is black leather and has no badge. It is attached to a buff belt, the same colour as the waist-belt that supports his bayonet and sword. The musket is the Long Land Brown Bess introduced in 1725.

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by Stephen Luscombe