Officer 1763

The tricorn hat, with gold lace edge, shows that he is a battalion company officer. The red coat with large blue lapels is well covered with wide gold lace. At this stage the buttons are evenly spaced. They are not false buttons, they actually do hold the lapels back. The large cuffs are also blue and edged with two widths of gold lace. There are three small gilt buttons in between the lace. A gold cord shoulder knot can just be seen on his right shoulder, this was worn until around 1770. The waistcoat is edged with gold lace but it is difficult to see if the garment is red or buff. He has a crimson silk sash over his right shoulder and a gorget hanging quite low on the neck. The spontoon that he is leaning on is a staff of office which replaced the half-pike in 1743. It was carried by officers of battalion companies up until 1786. From 1792 this weapon became a sergeant's symbol of office.

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by Stephen Luscombe