Dress coat 1768

This dress coat belonged to Captain the Hon Thomas Needham who served in the 3rd Guards from 1758-81. A similar coat can also to be seen in the portrait of Captain Thomas Twistleton. The embroidery is very ornate and prolific, forming floral shapes but not thistles as one would expect. The coat is scarlet with very dark blue collar, lapels and cuffs. The buttons are in pairs which could lead one to believe that this is a Coldstream Guards coat but the buttons are inscribed Gds 3. The regimental spacing of buttons began in 1774 for the 3rd Guards when an order issued in July 1774 stipulated nine loops on each lapel 'looped three and three'. The back of the skirt is full and gathered in folds with a line of embroidery down each side of the central vent and another down each side of the skirt. The one epaulette on the right shoulder is of blue material with gold embroidery and a gold fringe. This coat was worn between 1768 and 1774.

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by Stephen Luscombe