Private 1777

The uniform worn during the War of American Independence was based on changes made in 1774. The Coldstream Guards were the first to have the distinction of buttons placed in pairs, in 1773, so the 3rd Guards took to having 9 buttons and loops on each lapel, spaced in threes. The cuffs were round and edged in white lace and had three pewter buttons and loops. The lining of the coat was white which showed on the turnbacks. This matched the white breeches and waistcoat, also buttoned with pewter buttons, but smaller.

The hat is now a bicorn rather than a tricorn, and worn at a slight angle. His hair is unpowdered and tied back with a bow. The gaiters are short, and worn with thick white woollen stockings. For this campaign the officers and sergeants were permitted to wear coats with plain white lace like the men since the usual gold lace would have deteriorated too quickly in those conditions.

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by Stephen Luscombe