Sergeant and Private, Grenadier Company 1792

The bearskin caps which replaced the cloth mitre caps in the uniform changes of 1768 remained very much unchanged in the Scots Guards up to this point. The artist, Edward Dayes, painted all the Guards uniforms in this year and it is interesting that the Coldstream Guards Grenadier Companies have bearskins with hair that brushes downwards while the 1st Guards and the Scots Guards have caps with the hair brushing upwards. See Private, Grenadier Company 1792 in the Coldstream Guards Uniform section. The plate at the front shows the Royal Arms in white metal for the private and brass for the sergeant. He also has gold tassels on the right side and a white plume on the left. The private has white tassels and a white plume.

The coats are similar to the battalion company men except for the shoulders which, while still having blue straps with a white edge, also had wings, blue and white in a zig-zag pattern for the private, and blue and gold for the sergeant. He also had a small epaulette with a gold fringe on top of the wing.

The sergeants of grenadier companies had a musket instead of a halberd or spontoon. For this reason they also wore a pouch-belt over the left shoulder like the privates. They both have a brass match case clipped to the belt, smaller for the sergeant. The other belt carries a sword and bayonet for the sergeant and a bayonet only for the private. The brass belt-plates clearly show the regimental badge. The private's knapsack lies on the ground with a dark coloured waterproof cover and lettering which says GUARDS on the first line, and THIRD REGIMENT on the second.

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by Stephen Luscombe