Officer's Dress Coat c1826

When officers were in dress order they wore this heavily laced coat either with white summer trousers or dark mixture winter trousers. In full dress it would be worn with white breeches and silk stockings at formal levees. The coat is scarlet with blue cuffs and lapels, scarlet collar, and white turn-backs on the tails. There are buttons and wide gold lace loops grouped in threes down the lapels, leaving a very narrow light of blue between the groups. Around the cuff are two widths of gold lace allowing very little blue cloth to show through. There are no buttons on the cuff as depicted in a contemporary print by Hull.

All the Guards regiments had a dress coat of similar pattern, apart from the buttons and button spacing. The other regimental difference was in the epaulettes. According to the 1822 Dress Regulatioons, officers of the Grenadier Guards wore one on each shoulder, whatever their rank but subalterns of the Coldstream and Scots Guards only wore one on the right shoulder. This epaulette would have a silver embroidered thistle badge, a star and a crown. Captains would have two epaulettes with a thistle badge and a crown only. Field officers had two epaulettes with the same devices as the subaltern. Flank company officers also wore epaulettes on the dress coat, not wings.

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by Stephen Luscombe