Sergeant and Privates 1838

This is one of a series of paintings by Michael Angelo Hayes painted in Dublin when the Scots Fusilier Guards were stationed there. This picture is called The Reckoning and shows a serving maid demanding settlement of the bill. The sergeant has removed his bearskin which has white tassels on the side. He has stripes on his sleeve and a star badge on his collar. The private studying the bottle has no collar badge but we can see the thistle badge on his bearskin. The artist perhaps forgot to paint in the collar badges on the two privates.

The private on the right shows his back to us and we can see a painted badge on his knapsack but no badge on his pouch which is probably another mistake. The sergeants epaulettes are white as are his lace button loops on the cuff and coat tails. More senior sergeants had gold lace and epaulettes.

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by Stephen Luscombe