Officer's Coat c1854

Scarlet coat with blue collar and cuffs with white lining and turnbacks. The collar has gold embroidery extending round the side of the neck. There are four raised gold lozenge shapes on each side with a silver thistle badge between them. Down the front are 18 gilt buttons in two rows and spaced in threes. The cuff flap is of scarlet cloth with three buttons and gold lace decoration, the whole thing is at right angles to the plain blue round cuff.

At the back, the tails have false vertical pockets with similar decoration to the cuff flaps but with more space between the gold lace. There are two buttons at waist level in the middle of the back. The base of the tails have gold butterfly-shaped ornaments with a silver thistle badge. The epaulettes are missing from this coat so we cannot tell which company the wearer was in. This style of coat was worn in full dress and on campaign in the Crimea; it lasted, with slight changes, from 1830 until 1854.

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by Stephen Luscombe