Officer in Frock Coat c1860

Up until the 1820s officers tended to wear civilian clothes when not in dress uniform, even when on duty around the barracks but by c1829 the Guards followed the line infantry and adopted a similar blue frock coat but with more braiding. There was broad lace across the chest, on the pointed cuff , round the collar and decorating the back, made of black mohair. Black braiding was also formed into complicated patterns on the cuff and collar. There were four rows of black olivet buttons down the front and the ends of the lace hung loose at the middle. Up to 1855 the crimson sash was worn round the waist, as in dress, with a black leather waist-belt for the sword, but after 1855 the sash was worn on the left shoulder and a white waist-belt supported the sword. Medals were not worn in this order of dress but medal ribbons were sewn on, at this stage they were much broader. The forage cap can be seen at Officer's Forage Cap c1860.

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by Stephen Luscombe