Officers in Undress, c1910

The officers in this group are in no.1 dress which consists of an all-blue tunic with collar badges and unusual silver olivet buttons down the front, similar to the full dress tunic except for the fact that these are not false buttons. The only other unit that I know of that uses such buttons on an undress garment as well as the full dress tunic is the Warwickshire Yeomanry. They have plain white leather pouchbelts which probably show a plain black pouch on the back. The pillbox caps have broad silver lace and silver russia braid decoration on the top surrounding a silver middle button. They wear full dress blue breeches with double white stripes down the side and black hussar boots with spurs. They carry 1821 pattern swords with three bar hilt, an unusual weapon for 'heavy' cavalry, and silver sword knot. The sword is suspended on white leather slings from a waistbelt worn under the tunic. Also on this belt are slings to suspend the plain black leather sabretache. One officer, in the middle of the back row is wearing khaki service dress with side cap and Sam Browne belt. Interestingly, his tunic also has the silver olivet buttons down the front as well as the collar badges.

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by Stephen Luscombe