Other Ranks Marching Order, c1895

This group are wearing the undress frock that replaced the tunic for campaigns and training. The frocks worn in British regiments normally had five buttons down the front but these have eight. I cannot say for sure whether they are blue garments or red with blue collars. There is a strange discrepancy in that the shoulder chain-mail is to be seen on some frocks but not on others. Also a crown collar badge appears on some collars but not on others. The breeches also vary in that the sergeant on the left, holding the covered guidon, has pale coloured knee re-inforcers while the others don't. The boots are black hussar style. They all have the brown leather pouchbelts on their left shoulder and white haversack straps in their right. The man with crossed legs is a corporal rough rider. Next to him is a private, then a trumpeter with bugle on one knee and trumpet on the other. the man on the end has a crown over his 3 stripes which is a sergeant's insingia in the Canadian army. All of them, except the rough rider and the trumpeter have rolled blankets on their shoulders. The other puzzling thing is the carbine carried by the rough rider and the private. They have what looks like a rod attached to the side of the weapon, presumably to clean the barrel. Finally, the white cloth-covered helmet, also worn in full dress has a brass spike on top and the brass badge on the front. see Other Rank's Badge

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by Stephen Luscombe