RCMP Corporal in Full Dress, c1925

The uniform here is almost identical to the modern day full dress of the constables and NCOs. The 'scarlet serge' tunic has blue tabs on the collar on which are placed the brass collar badges. The cuffs are not blue like those of the officer's uniform. The shoulder straps are blue with brass 'RCMP' badges. The corporal stripes are of gold lace and worn only on the right arm. The Sam Browne belt was adopted in 1905 to support the holster of the newly issued Colt New Service.45 revolver. The leather strap is on the left shoulder, a feature of the Mounties, fastening to the belt with a spring clip. Officers wear their Sam Browne with the strap conventionally on the right shoulder to support the sword. There is a small leather pouch on the belt which contains six rounds of pistol ammunition and a set of handcuffs. The jodhpur style breeches are blue with yellow stripe and the Strathcona boots are brown. The bridle is quite simple with only one rein, The British cavalry bridle always had a bridoon rein. The saddle here is the 'Mexican' saddle; by 1928 the Universal saddle was in use.

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by Stephen Luscombe