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Sepoy and Daffadar, 1910

The infantry sepoy on the left wears a kurta which is more comfortable than the high-necked tunic that it replaced (see Sepoy and Sowar 1901). The red collar and cuffs have gone, leaving only red piping round the edges. He has a red kummerbund round his waist under a brown leather belt showing at least one ammunition pouch. This man is described in the caption next to it in The Armies of India, as a Tanaoli Pathan. He has a China medal and carries a Lee Metford rifle.
The cavalry daffadar next to him could be mistaken for the first man's officer but is merely displaying the swagger of the soldier traditionally considered more superior by virtue of the fact that he spends most of his time higher off the ground. His long kurta is similar to the sowar in Simkin's print but has breast pockets. Two white stripes on red cloth are only just visible on his right arm. The chain-mail epaulettes are on red cloth and carry a brass title 'GUIDES'. A curved sword is suspended from his Sam Browne belt. He is a Pathan of the Adam Khel Afridi

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by Stephen Luscombe